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Jeeze... It Took Ya Long Enough

I am the first to admit that I'm slow. Also old, tragically unhip, and pretty much clueless
(at least according to my daughter). There are reviews hidden all over this damn site.
How about putting links to them all on one page? Really, it was harder to do than you'd
think.... I mean, for a slow, unhip, clueless person.

A Word About Our Reviews

We get lots of emails requesting reviews on specific scooter models. While we'd like nothing more than to be able to review every scooter available in the US market, this just isn't going to happen for several reasons. First and foremost, most of the major brands will NOT provide "media" scooters for JustGottaScoot.com to review. Because we don't accept advertising, we are not considered a "real" scooter website. That's right, you're currently reading a figment of your imagination online right now. Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Piaggio (Vespa) and BMW have made it very clear that unless we take their advertising money, we are NOT going to get any scooters to review. But didn't we just do a couple of Piaggio reviews? Yes. Those were facilitated by a VERY generous dealer who doesn't really care if he's not following Piaggio's rules. Of course that last thing we want is to create a problem for scooter dealers with their manufacturers/distributors.  A few brands (Genuine, Kymco & SYM) have been, and continue to be, much more receptive to reviews at JustGottaScoot.com. I'd really like to tell you about the Honda PCX 150 and BMW's new maxi-scooters, but that's just not going to happen right now. Wellllllllll, maybe the PCX will.

Review of the 2019 SYM Mio 50cc Scooter     Review of the Royal Alloy Grand Tourer 150

Lawrence Brown Converts His Honda Reflex into a Trike     Review of the SYM Fiddle 3 200i Scooter

Review of the Piaggio Liberty 150 Scooter     Kymco K-Pipe 125 Review

Review of the Genuine Venture 50 Moped Scooter     Lawrence Brown Reviews the Jonway Predator 250

Review of the MotoChic Gear Lauren Bag     Review of the Vespa Primavera 150 Scooter

Review of the Vespa GTS 300 Super with ABS     Lawrence Brwon reviews the Jonway Predator

Commuting with the Honda PCX 150 Scooter     Review of the SHAD 39 liter Topcase Trunk

Revoew of the Lance SYM Soho 50 Scooter     Genuine Stella Automatic Rear Luggage Rack

Review of the Honda PCX 150 Scooter     Genuine Hooligan vs Genuine Buddy 150 Black Jack

Review of the Genuine Hooligan 170i Scooter     Review of the Lance Cabo 150 Scooter

Review of the Genuine Stella Automatic Scooter     Review of the Kymco MyRoad 700i Scooter

Review of the Lance PCH 150 Scooter     Review of the Piaggio Fly 150 3V

Review of the 2013 SYM CityCom 300i Scooter     Review of the TourMaster Series 2 FLEX Textile Riding Jacket

Review of the Piaggio BV 350 Scooter   Failure of Givi Windshield on Kymco People GTi 300

Review of the Hot Glue and Paint Helmet Skin     Review of the Lance Cali Classic 125 Scooter

Review of the Biondi Kymco People GTi windscreen     Review of the SHAD 37L Topcase

Review of the CFMoto JetMax Scooter     SYM WOlf Classic 150cc Motorcycle Review

Review of the Vectrix VX2 All-electric Scooter     Kymco People GTi300 SHAD Top Case

Yamaha Zuma 125 Scooter Review     Kycmo People GTi300 Windshield and Checkerboard

Review of the Kymco Downtown 300i Scooter     Review of the Kymco People GTi300 Scooter

Review of the Genuine Buddy 170i     Review of the Honda Elite 110 Scooter

Kymco People 50 Scooter Review     FirstGear Mesh Jacket Review

Review of the Scorpion Diamond Jacket Jordana Whyte     Fieldsheer Jacket Review Jordana Whyte

Commuter Challenge Kymco People 250 vs Kawasaki Ninja 250     Vespa S 150 Review Jordana Whyte

Kymco Like 200i Review Jordana Whyte     Genuine Blur 220i Review

HCI Model 15 Helmet Review Jordana Whyte     Fly Scout Review Jordana Whyte

Review of the Gen U Bin Buddy Storage System     Review of the Kymco Yager GT 200i

Review of the CFMoto Glory 150 Fuel Injected     Review of the SYM SYMBA

Review of the SYM City Com 300i     Review of the SACHS MadAss 50

Review of the Genuine Rattler 110     Review of the Genuine Buddy BlackJack 150

Review of the SYM Fiddle 2     Review of the CPI GTR from Fly

Review of the Vega Nitro Jacket Stephen Heller     Review og the SHAD 40 Cargo Topcase Trunk

Review of the Kymco People 150     Review of the Genuine Buddy 150 International St. Tropez

Review of the Vectrix Electric Scooter     Review of the SYM Mio

Review of the SYM RV250     Review of the SYM HD200

Review of the Yamaha C3 Scooter     Review of the Kymco People S 250

Review of the Kymco Xciting 250     Review of the Kymco Xciting 500

Review of the Kymco Agility 125 Scooter     Review of the Kymco People 250 Scooter

Vespa GT60     Review of the Genuine Blur 150

Review of the Yamaha Morphous     Review of the Genuine Buddy 125 Scooter 


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Last modified: August 09, 2017