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My City RidesMyCityRides - makes reliable transportation affordable and ownership possible for those in the workforce with limited means but unlimited potential, increasing opportunity for everyone.

Memphis Tennessee is a tough town for commuting. Traffic is heavily congested, public transit is slow, residential areas tend to be some distance from workplaces and cost of vehicle ownership is high. Thanks to the support of Jay Martin of Juice Plus, Andy Nix has been able to launch a non-profit scooter solution!

Founded in April 2017, the program works with employers to provide payroll deductions so that employees can fund a scooter without credit. The participant receiving the scooter pays for the vehicle through a payroll deduction of $3 a day, which will pay off the scooter in three years at zero interest.

Employers have ongoing communication with My City Rides and they incorporate the scooters by creating designated parking, supplying an on-campus space for scooter maintenance, and facilitate the payroll deductions for My City Rides.

To receive a scooter, employees must work at least 20 hours a week at the participating business, be recommended by their employer, have a Tennessee driverís license, be individually insurable and make a three-year commitment to the payment plan.

Once signed up, the participant immediately gets their brand new Fiddle III. The scooters get 89 miles to the gallon and can reach up to 65 miles per hour, though they are not recommended for interstate travels. The Fiddle III costs approximately $3,000 before taxes, tag, and title.

Scooter protective gear including a lock and alarm, insurance, tags, license, safety course and scheduled maintenance are included in the My City Rides program.

Imagine that, scooters being utilized as excellent urban transit AND helping reduce commute time AND assisting participants in acquiring affordable, reliable transportation. Sounds like a fabulous program to me.

Visit their website HERE.

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Last modified: August 09, 2017