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How Lucky Can We Get?

The Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area is not all that huge, especially in comparison to Chicago, or any of a number of east and west coast areas. AND we do have to suffer through several months of non-scooter-friendly weather. You'd think it would be a tough job to find a good scooter shop to say nothing of finding THREE.

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Important Stuff

Link to Motorcycle Safety Foundation              Link to Minnesota Motorcycle and Scooter Manual     Scoot Safely Blog

CLICK HERE to Visit Minnesota Motorcycle Safety         CLICK HERE for info about parking your moped in downtown St. Paul Minnesota

Pure-Gas.org     DMV Motorcycle Permit Test Database     Riding Gear for Women

 Saint Paul Downtown Motorcycle and Scooter Parking           Stay Away From Ethanol Blended Fuel in Your Carbureted Scooter

       CLICK HERE to visit the Rider Academy website      Scooter and Motorcycle Safety Links

Scooter Companies

Genuine Scooter Company          Kymco

Honda          Yamaha

Suzuki          Vespa

Piaggio          SYM

TGB           CFMoto

California Scooter Company

Motor Scooter International Land Speed FederationMotor-Scooter International Land Speed Federation

My research indicates that a percentage of you (61.2% to be exact) think I just make stuff like this up for web content. I can see how easily one would be led to this conclusion, but believe me there are people even more committed to scooters than I. One of them is Alan Spears. This group is his brainchild and they put on some wonderful events like the Real Scooter Cannonball among others. Alan is a good guy and is serious about scooter accomplishments as well as scooter fun. CLICK HERE or on the image to the left to visit the MSILSF website. 

Places to Get Parts, Accessories, and Stuff For Your Scooter                          

Racing Planet Scooter Parts

CLICK HERE to Visit ScooterWorks WebsiteCLICK HERE to Visit the New Enough Website

    Visit the Motorcycle Superstore       GoGo Gear Fashion AND Safety   CLICK HERE to Visit the Martin Racing Performance Website

CLICK HERE to visit our page with info from Joel Martin of MRP       GEN-U-BIN Genuine Buddy Storage System

SHAD Scooter and Motorcycle Accessories  

Scooter Clubs - Twin Cities Area of Minnesota

 CLICK HERE for the Tuesday Night Ride Website             Link to minn-Max Scooter Club          CLICK HERE to vists The Substitutes Mankato Minnesota Scooter Club site          Link to The Regulars Scooter Club

CLICK HERE to visit the Heck's Angles Scooter Club     Twin Cities Scooter Collective       Twin Cities Vespa Scooter Club


Link to minnesota Motorcycle Monthly   CLICK HERE to visit MotorcycleUSA         The Scooter Diaries


Link to Genuine Scooter Company Stella Owner's Manual

CLICK HERE For a Scooter Fuel Savings SpreadsheetWe often hear people talk about fuel savings making their scooter "free" to own. Can it be true? Click on the graphic to open or download a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Fill in the light blue boxes and the spreadsheet does the rest!



Other Scooter Sites

               Scooterfile.com with Nathaniel Salzman

Link to 2-Stroke Buzz          Link to Scoot.Net                                                                 

NOT "Directly" Scooter Related

CLICK HERE to visit Minimus for travel sized items
Mininmus selling "travel" sized items ranging from personal care to food. I use the hand wipes, hard surface cleaner wipes, even the mini rolls of duct tape as glove-box-stuffers on my scooters. A lot of things are handy to have on the road and I like the "individual" sizes. Their prices are pretty good as well.


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